European and multiculturalism, new ages

by boder


It seems to me that for UK it is easier (than France) to finance and launch university’s studies on multiculturalism because liberalism is the heart of political regime philosophy.

The problem in France, in fact, it is the country is already in unconscious multicultural. So there is a traffic jam to arrive to rebuilt unity with multiculturalism.

The republican French concept have transcended because it used “none native” universal symbols. It is the projection which links each cultural community. The republican invents grecque antique edge aesthetic and ideology without link to the memories.

Collapse comes usually when society have to integrate people without the same unconscious “luggage”; to go ahead I want to say in each luggage there are not the same “meet other philosophy” and survival tools.

In the model, you take a group with people “neutral”… in natural statement, cultural will deform, hurt by giving consciousness (or not) transmission in the long time (speaking, mythology) in the aim of group survival.

Non-natural mechanisms, but with good value are anchored in the unconscious. It is possible the mechanism formality of one culture is opposite to another (living in other area), so to keep harmony it is on the level of symbolism to act and create new.

Stigmatize one identity brings problems because we can travel in each layer of the global identity and inhibit personal cognition.reoub

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