Trump nop

Dear, All in preparation to september please be advice there will be major Financial collapse.

We expect TRUMP succeed his Chinese Tax and every things will go to confidency problem.

Of course 3rd Word War is not for this Year. Have nice rest !



universalty of french élection

In few days we will elect a new president but this time, we are une strange galaxy with X man(and woman),why ?
Because we are in front of candidates, i have never seen in others countries. 

Of course it is a serial after brexit (where candidate of leave is not in charge after election), and Trump election (tv super star and in force the nice baby of this father whom is difficult to explain « no »)… but in France we have some pieces of cake like : the daughter of is father (marine Le Pen) clean and sweet populist, a young political baby coming from  bank(croute ie collapse) Macron, a new mitterand président selling a new concept the parlementarism named Melechon…
but in more, it is the link with today reality, there are no party around those personalities… we are close to uber way of work and social grid with people alone playing video games.

Look, the traditionals parties have 300 000 partisants each during the past… no way to be elect this time (small chance for Fillon), where are people ?

10 time less for main candidates here… without more than 20 deputies…. where are we coming with this ? who to push to be listen ? Everybody  will made the queue in front of l Élyséen House ?

The start of Paradise

It was time in France when rebel was populist and/or from the far-right

You would like i discuss about time when Populist was leader of the new generation… I think it was during Napoleon I gouvernment, neverthless i will not remenber this Age.




What will be when FN party and Marine LE PEN will be president ?

It is easy to think it will like usual 20th century dictatory but we are also in technocraty and so …

And so i do not think So.


What is interesting in Public Politic advertissement , it is to check and built empiric rules. We can see today each President (which have more power compare to US president) have managed his government time like they have managed and win Power. So President HOLLAND have build a small parts out of global activist (see his secratory choices), President SARKOSY have built around thier own leadership.


So if Marine win, it will be big Brother Time.


why ?

Because she has not a lot of people able to manage complex Ministery, may it open secretary to external ?

What ever she never go to far in the return of « Petainism ». Not because they have won saying and doing nothing !

Even if the externals will have over zealous compare to first activist, she will need to mitigate to stretch out Power Time.


But she will have the new technologies on her side… she will scan all people what they are thinking, is it against Nationalism ? against there familly ?

Individuality in the darkness will not be protect by Journalism and or resistant.




nouveaux liens publication livre

Google book





Provence Reminder

Provence reminder

Message to the Future, remind what was this culture and share to everybody !

It was picture it is spirituality.





What is France – Thanks to US blogger



Santa Barbara 2 days ago

France embodies everything religious zealots everywhere hate: enjoyment of life here on earth in a myriad little ways: a fragrant cup of coffee and buttery croissant in the morning, beautiful women in short dresses smiling freely on the street, the smell of warm bread, a bottle of wine shared with friends, a dab of perfume, children paying in the Luxembourg Gardens, the right not to believe in any god, not to worry about calories, to flirt and smoke and enjoy sex outside of marriage, to take vacations, to read any book you want, to go to school for free, to play, to laugh, to argue, to make fun of prelates and politicians alike, to leave worrying about the afterlife to the dead.
No country does life on earth better than the French.
Paris, we love you. We cry for you. You are mourning tonight, and we with you. We know you will laugh again, and sing again, and make love, and heal, because loving life is your essence. The forces of darkness will ebb. They will lose. They always do. »

« Blackpoodles – Commentaire (traduction) laissé sur le site du New York Times – samedi 14 novembre 2015

La France représente tout ce que les fanatiques religieux du monde détestent : profiter de la vie sur Terre de plein de petites manières différentes : une tasse de café parfumé avec un croissant au beurre, de belles femmes en robes courtes qui sourient librement, l’odeur du pain chaud, une bouteille de vin partagée avec des amis, un peu de parfum, des enfants qui jouent au jardin du Luxembourg, le droit de ne pas croire en Dieu, ne pas s’inquiéter des calories, flirter et fumer et profiter du sexe hors mariage, prendre des vacances, lire n’importe quel livre, aller à l’école gratuitement, jouer, rire, se disputer, se moquer des religieux comme des hommes politiques, laisser l’inquiétude sur ce qu’il y a après la vie aux morts. Aucun pays sur Terre ne profite mieux de la vie que les Français. ….. »


 »  The French republic is a dead dog floating in a stream, and the French nation is ruined by alcohol, syphilis and journalism – Benito Mussolini 31 octobre 1922 – 25 juillet 1943   « 

Reminder and coments – Top 7 Non financial skills required

Reminder and coments – Top 7 Non financial (Non-technical) skills required (in Finance… but not only)


With my experience on self development personality in WASP literacy (also named Occidental professional literacy), I see there is always the same spirit inside the books and methods.

I have developed this point of view in my books, but it is important to remind before, there is something from Monk and that reach the unconscious picture of winner.

It is more than the hole between Old Catholic way of life and new US protest puritan way, it is not only a cultural difference between strong country and others.

In my point of view traders is what was knight during European medieval time, a kind of poetic hereos.

Don’t be afraid, the only aim is to understand what we are (Human) and be less constrain by prejudice.

Extract from English Learning (how to influence without saying) :

– Communication Skills

Speak Up

Know how to speak is an antic non technological skills link to leadership but not only.

– Relationship and or Management Skills

Educating others, understood personality types (perhaps we will need to have subscription on publishing House? no we need only to listen)

– Marketing and sales skills

To be emphatic and knowing the power of the shape, the surface of things.

– Organization skills

Manage the time, to have the tools to don’t be in fireman process. Everybody may learn it.

We have finished with the 4 acceptable skills pointed by the learning, now we have 3 others disputables 

– Problem solving skills

There is something incoherent in this affirmation, if we are looking non-technical means, we are not looking to how solve something. If it is non-professional skill, that means to be smart. how to be a very good professional, in harmony with the core bussiness and loving work, if you are not smart ?

Writer would likes to say us, in fact, traders are not financial qualified ? The only true is how to detect and sell people working well ? How to subsupply our work ?

So for myself it can be a skill but the bases of all.

– Technological savvy (espescialy for computer)

In France we have old men and women who don’t like future, so i think US it is the same.

Even i think the opposite it is to not be a geek without usefull tasks…

In the consuming society we « have » but we have the tendancy to loose the meaning and or don’t look simple need. And yet, it turns the enchanted earth !

My favorite quote :  » The seniors were pionners in their own period »

– Tenacity and ethics

Tenacity ok it is the same for sportman but for ethics i don’t think the author know exactly what is it.

We will translate Ethics by renown, but obviously there is a chance it is not ethics.

Conclusion :

In conclusion we have always the same spirit, skills list are wisdom for, and, accessible to everybody without money distinctions (and or powers).

And you will understood where is my critique, saying those skills belongs only to financial people is an Offer public to buy the gumption !

To go ahead :

We may  take a look on what is cultural and not ? What is my occidental priority and not ?

what i have learn to another teaching, for cultural filter the list is not the source of cultural misunderstanding, the problem comes from classification of priorities.

Work, unemployement and slavery BOOK

Sans titre

Work, unemployement and slavery BOOK

available online for free

Subject will seem, by US poeple, very strange ! because France is in another galaxy  perhaps in another space-time world.

European and multiculturalism, new ages


It seems to me that for UK it is easier (than France) to finance and launch university’s studies on multiculturalism because liberalism is the heart of political regime philosophy.

The problem in France, in fact, it is the country is already in unconscious multicultural. So there is a traffic jam to arrive to rebuilt unity with multiculturalism.

The republican French concept have transcended because it used “none native” universal symbols. It is the projection which links each cultural community. The republican invents grecque antique edge aesthetic and ideology without link to the memories.

Collapse comes usually when society have to integrate people without the same unconscious “luggage”; to go ahead I want to say in each luggage there are not the same “meet other philosophy” and survival tools.

In the model, you take a group with people “neutral”… in natural statement, cultural will deform, hurt by giving consciousness (or not) transmission in the long time (speaking, mythology) in the aim of group survival.

Non-natural mechanisms, but with good value are anchored in the unconscious. It is possible the mechanism formality of one culture is opposite to another (living in other area), so to keep harmony it is on the level of symbolism to act and create new.

Stigmatize one identity brings problems because we can travel in each layer of the global identity and inhibit personal cognition.reoub

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